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Horse Shopping?
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Dear Horse Lover:
My name is Jackie Dwelle and I a member of the faculty at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, North Carolina. In addition to teaching academic equine classes, my responsibilities include teaching dressage, natural horsemanship, coaching the intercollegiate dressage team and overseeing social media for the equestrian program. Follow my blog St. Andrews Equestrian Program or learn more about the university at the Equestrian Program website.

Before coming to St. Andrews I spent 9 years as barn manager at Pine Meadow Farm in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Pine Meadow Farm well known is for the top-class show horses that it has raised. My eventing background comes from time spent working for Karen Stives and J. Michael Plumb, renowned Olympic three-day event medallists. I also worked closely with rising star Mark Weissbecker caring for his event horses including Bestseller. Certified assistant riding instructor by the British Horse Society (BHSAI) I have over 20 years of experience in the horse industry as an instructor, competitor, groom and manager.

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Finding the Horse of Your Dreams
Over the years I have watched many people become horse owners. I have also watched many people buy horses that are not suitable for them. The horse may be more than they can handle, he may be lame or unsound in another way, or he may not be trained to do the work required of him. Imagine the frustration of buying a horse that you are unable to ride and enjoy.

When you are horse shopping following some basic techniques will help you find a suitable partner. A horse that will be fun, safe and a great addition to your family. If you are buying a horse for your children, their safety will be your first concern. Many first-time owners get caught up in the excitement of buying a horse and make an impulse purchase. Here are a few things that are commonly overlooked.
What type of horse to look for. Narrowing your search saves time and money. The ideal horse will be fun, safe and a constant source of pleasure.
Where to look for a suitable horse. Knowing where to find a suitable horse will save you time by maximizing your search.
How to evaluate prospects. Save time by eliminating horses that are unsuitable.
Final selection. When you find the ideal horse, take the right precautions to ensure that you are buying a healthy suitable animal.

Caring for Your Horse
Once you have found your ideal horse, his well being will be your prime concern. If he is boarded, how will you know he is receiving the correct care? If he is at home, can you provide the necessary care to keep him happy and healthy? Common concerns include:
Finding a suitable boarding stable. Knowing your horse is well cared for provides peace of mind and is a great place for you to learn more about horse care and management. A good stable will provide for all your horse's needs.
Planning to look after your horse yourself? What will you feed him? Selecting the right feed for your horse will provide him with good nutrition. Feeding the correct quantities will save waste and save you money.
Selecting Veterinarians, Farriers and other equine professionals. A good support team will ensure that your horse is fit, sound, and healthy.
Your Horse's Health. Know the signs of good health. Learn the basic health care routines to keep your horse healthy.
Grooming. A horse that is well groomed is a thing of beauty. Save time by doing it right the first time.

These are just a few of the concerns you will have as you start your search for your first horse. Answers to these questions and many others can be found in my book Your First Horse: How to Buy and Care for Your First Horse. First time horse buyers need a guide which will save time and money during the hunt for that ideal equine partner. When you have found your new friend, you will need help with horse care. Your First Horse does all this and much more. The book is written from a practical perspective and contains detailed explanations of common practices. Your First Horse: How to Buy and Care for Your First Horse

Here are a few comments about Your First Horse
"I found this book to be one of the best "first" books I have ever read...The language is clear and concise, the range of information outstanding and the line drawings and graphs are clear and easy to use."
Jamison L. Wallace, 4-H Leader

"Horse shopping takes time and money. Your First Horse will save you both--with straightforward practical answers to commonly asked questions."
Joan Withey, Professional Barn Manager

"...this book is a practical, readable guide to selecting and caring for a first horse... Rather than merely describing horse care, each chapter offers explanations of various practices that are sound and concise"
Library Journal

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Horse buying and horse care are great for the health of your horse. Buying a horse is an exciting part of your life. Caring for your horse is also very important. Horses make great companions. Horses provide fun, recreation and sport. Horse care is very important for the health of your horse. Pre-purchase exams and trial periods ensure that you purchase the right horse. Veterinarians and Farriers are your horses best friends. Daily routine helps ensure a happy, healthy, contented horse.